If you have a fleet of aircraft, like in a flight school or charter company, keeping track of active flights and aircraft status can be a complex operation.  Flight Dispatcher Pro can help keep track of your fleet and simplify your flight operations.


Flight Dispatcher Pro is an online aircraft dispatching software application.  With Flight Dispatcher Pro you can keep track of the status of all your aircraft.  Being an online, multi-user, application, you get real-time updates for all active flights and aircraft status (which are available, are in maintenance or offline).  There is also a visual indication as to which aircraft should be arriving soon and which ones are overdue.


Flight Dispatcher Pro will keep track of flight hours, maintence schedules, time till next inspection, fuel status, and pilot and instructor currency.


Below is a sample of the main dispatch screen, which shows the status of all the fleet aircraft. When an aircraft is dispatched, the name of the pilot, departure time, arrival time, and route is displayed.  If a flight is overdue, the ETA time will change color and a warning will be displayed.


Sample screen


Flight Dispatcher Pro also offers extensive reporting on flight history. Reports can be viewed on flight times by aircraft, category or pilot. Complete monthly daily flight time reports and a history 'snap-shot' are also available.


Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Flight Dispatcher Pro and see how it can help keep track of your aircraft and flight hours.